Letting Go of Chronic Pain

Duration 2 h 32 m 17 s

Letting Go of Chronic Pain

About Course

A Guided Journey for women 30+ who are ready to reclaim and live their most vibrant pain free lives. 

A Guided Journey for people who are suffering from chronic pain  are ready to reclaim and live their most vibrant pain free lives. 


Course content

videoWelcome3 m 52 s
videoMeet Your Instructor3 m 49 s
videoOutline and Objectives5 m 12 s
videoThe Role of Breathwork in the Process4 m 57 s
video20 Conscious Connected Breaths7 m 46 s
videoWhat is Neuroplastic Pain?6 m 32 s
videoGathering Evidence10 m 53 s
videoGathering Evidence Worksheet
videoNoticing Thoughts and Behaviors around Pain7 m 15 s
videoNoticing Thoughts and Behaviors Around Pain Worksheet
videoGuided Breath Awareness Practice10 s
videoCreating Safety Around Neuroplastic Pain9 m 38 s
videoLimiting Beliefs Around Pain8 m 19 s
videoLimiting Beliefs Worksheet
videoCrating Safety Guided Practice Explanation8 m 19 s
videoCrating Saftey Guided Practice Audio10 s
videoCreating Safety Guided Breathwork5 m 16 s
videoGetting Practical5 m 41 s
videoGetting Practical Worksheet
videoSomatic Sensing12 m 49 s
videoSomatic Sensing Audio Guided Practices27 s
videoSomatic Sensing Worksheet
videoUsing Somatic Sensing Throughout Your Day6 m 38 s
videoSomatic Sensing Throughout The Day Worksheet
videoCoherent Breathing12 m 10 s
videoLetting Go7 m 47 s
videoDaily Journal Worksheet
videoExtinction Event5 m 12 s
videoThe Upper Limit Problem13 m 12 s
videoThe Walled Garden6 m 13 s
Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Breathwork Practitioner

Course Instructor

Shevi is a Telluride, Co-based Breathwork practitioner, group facilitator and self-care coach. As a lifetime learner with over 20 years of experience, Shevi’s teaching style has been influenced by Breathwork practices, Qigong, Yin and Restorative yoga , Zen meditation and compassionate communication. She is passionate about self-care and helping others develop their own practices. She works with both groups and individuals with the goal of bringing peaceful balance into her clients’ lives. When not sharing her practice with others, Shevi is a dedicated mother of five, enjoys hiking in nature and traveling in her camper with her husband.